A downloadable game for Windows

Save the teeth! Shoot toothpaste at the invading candies, and protect your tooth! The more candies you kill, the higher your score. The game saves your highest score throughout play, so you can always try to beat your past best.

NOTICE: This is the first game I've made in quite a while, or, ya know, ever. So, while working around the limits of the Free version of Game Maker, there may be some bugs left runnin around. So, if you come across one, I'm sorry, but it shouldn't affect play that much. If it does, redownload it, and if that doesn't work, you'll have to find the save file, which is named 'savegame', somewhere deep in the depths of your %appdata%.

Install instructions

Its super simple, just download it, put it where you want, and run it. Done!


Cavity Candy Blaster Saga.exe 27 MB