A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The facility's biological weapons program, Project HAVOC, was going wonderfully until a glitch in the facility AI caused it to go haywire and turn on the scientists it was designed to serve. While attempting to escape the facility you crashed the transport vehicle, leaving you stranded. Fend off waves of mutant enemies while fighting for your life in Project HAVOC: First Encounter!

Buy ammo from the truck to defend yourself!

Kill as many mutants as you can while fighting to survive!

Will you escape with your life?

Hit up my devblog for info on whats going on and whats coming in the future: http://d1fgames.blogspot.com/

Thanks for your interest, have an awesome day!

Install instructions

Super-duper-simple install instructions

Download the .zip file for your OS

Extract the files to a location of your choosing

Windows: Put the folder in a location of your choosing, make a shortcut to the .exe, or dont, whatever you want. Double click the .exe and enjoy!

Mac: Double click the DMG and enjoy!


Project HAVOC(Windows).zip 129 MB
Projcect HAVOC.zip 131 MB